Ron Burian
Home Mortgage Facilitator

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Ron Burian is your Home Mortgage Facilitator in Oregon. He prides himself on recommending wise options while providing excellent service, making the loan process simple, straightforward and fast for borrowers seeking a mortgage in the Portland metropolitan area and throughout Oregon. For highly qualified borrowers or for folks who have less than perfect credit and/or a large downpayment, Ron can work with many different investors to offer loans that fit most borrowers' needs, and at competitive interest rates. It's smart thinking, not rocket science.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, seeking a reverse mortgage, or consolidating debt, Ron can provide you with a clear mortgage solution and work with you throughout the loan process. Call Ron today at 503-525-7888 or email to

What do past clients have to say?

I really believe we wouldn't be home-owners if it weren't for you and that has been such a huge impact on our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Chelsea, Portland, OR

Ron could not have been more helpful in our home refinancing process. He explained everything clearly, answered all of our questions as many times as we needed to ask them, and worked with us through some challenging issues. At every step we were confident that he was acting in our best interests.
Carol and Jim, Portland, OR

As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated Ron's clear explanations, advice, and excellent service.
Deb C., Portland, OR

Ron did back-flips to make our mortgage work. He beat QuickenLoans by 25 basis points WITH money back to me at closing. I had a complicated travel schedule for work during the load process and Ron managed everything with me remote most of the time. He was extremely professional and I couldn't recommend anyone with greater confidence. THANKS RON!!!
Bert S., Warren, OR

We were very happy with the service provided and highly recommend Ron Burian.
Jacki & Rick M., Tualatin, OR

We were overwhelmed by offers from mortgage companies but Ron cut through all of it. Amazingly diligent in his search for just the right mortgage, he explained everything clearly and gave us well thought out money saving solutions. We're pleased to recommend him to our friends.
Jen & Richard M., Portland, OR

Our questions were answered promptly and professionally. The signing went smoothly, Ron was present, and there were no surprises.
Linda & Eric B., Portland, O

Ron Burian has worked with me on two mortgage transactions and provided excellent advice and service. He works efficiently and cordially and makes the loan process smooth and easy.
Mitch S., Portland, Oregon

Due to many circumstances, my process of purchasing a home in Portland and getting mortgage financing was slow and long. Ron was very patient, explaining the loan process at first, understanding that it would take a while before I was ready to move forward, answering my mortgage questions as they came up over time, and being ready to assist me with a home loan more than a year after we first started discussing my home purchase. He even answered mortgage lending questions for me while on vacation...! At all times, he struck the perfect balance between letting me reach for the "mansion" that I couldn't really afford, and telling me the consequences of too big a mortgage. This helped me a lot to go for the perfectly sized house! When I finally found it, Ron guided me through the entire process, all calmly and professionally. Being a single Mom and a relatively recent immigrant to the US (for some 13 years), it meant the world to me that Ron was with me at the closing. I trusted Ron fully and wholeheartedly recommend Ron without any reservation as my mortgage broker.
Margret O., Portland, OR

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